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The School was founded in 1908 and known as Worcester Secondary School for Girls.

The Headmisteress was Miss Steel.  The school was situated at Victoria Institute in Sansome Walk.

In 1909 the Foundation Stone of the new school building in Taylors Lane was layed and pupils moved there in 1910.  The OGA was started in 1913 with Miss Steel as president and Ella Dillworth, who had been the schools first head girl as secretary.

In 1920 the number of girls had Outgrown Taylors Lane and Thames House (above) in Barbourne was purchased, with girls travelling between there and Taylors Lane.

Miss Harvey moved with the school to new premises in Spetchley road in 1962.  This remained the Grammar School for girls until 1985 when it was made into a Sixth Form College.

The pupils in the last two years of the school went into the Sixth form.  Miss Northend became Head in 1975 and remained there until the Grammar School was disbanded.

In 1928 a new building (below) was opened in Barbourne.  This building was used until 1962.

Miss Steel retired in 1941, Miss Webster was Headmistress until 1958 when Miss Harvey was appointed.